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Canberra Locksmiths provide all types of proximity cards, tags and fobs on the market.Locksmith services CanberraEach card tag or fob has its own unique identity and can be tacked via your access control system software. Reports for each user can be generated to check user access to doors which will be time stamped. Canberra Locksmiths supply such reputable brands as HID, Keri Cards and GE Tecom smart cards. All cards can be supplied programmed activated or deactivated to your system allowing safe storage of the cards. Your systems end user software will enable you to add or delete a card on site or remotely. We are the best equipped locksmiths canberra has and have been offering locksmith services to canberra since 1967. Canberra Locksmith technicians can also add and remove cards.

Locksmith service Canberra Locksmith service Canberra Locksmith service Canberra
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